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When my computer started crashing, like many people, I asked a friend who works in technology if they would fix it. However, like many things, life happens and we were never able to sync up our calendars. Ultimately, I made the decision to take my computer to a technical service center. After finding a local service center online, I picked up the phone to find out about pricing and to get an estimate on how long I would have to leave my computer at the service center based on the issues I was having.

While on hold waiting for a representative from the service center to answer my call, my anxiety level began to rise as I envisioned my life without my computer for days (or potentially weeks) once I dropped it off to be serviced. As I continued to hold, I began to reminisce about the times IT departments at various companies I had worked for had remote-accessed my computer from off-site locations to fix my computer. Then I began to wonder... if IT departments can do this so effortlessly, why can't this same service and convenience be offered to consumers all around the world. The longer I was on hold, the more I thought I had a very real idea. Still on hold, I eventually hung up the phone and spent the rest of my day researching "remote tech support." To my surprise, I learned that "remote" tech support was the future of tech support, and not only for computers, but also for smartphones, tablets, networks, peripherals, and consumer electronics.

Subsequently, I wrote a business plan and presented it to family, friends and business associates whose business-savvy I respected in effort to gain a general consensus on my vision for a remote technical support company - The idea was well received by all. From there... TechZAMin.com was born.

K.D. Doscher
Owner & Co-Founder of Techzamin.com

Why TechZAMin?

We offer same day service.

All our Technical Support Experts are 100% U.S.-based.

Callers will not be placed on hold. 85% of our calls will be answered by a live person. If all our Technical Support Experts are busy helping other customers, TechZAMin will prompt you to leave us a message and we will call you back the moment one of our Technical Support Experts are free.

Our technicians are extraordinarily friendly and patient - You will never feel rushed.  We treat each customer as if they are our only customer.

TechZAMin.com has partnered with My Computer Works mcw-lgo, one of the best technical support teams in the nation on back end support - After rigorous testing, our Technical Support team proved to have a 90% First Call Resolution rate and a 95% Customer Satisfaction score.

TechZAMin offers a variety of memberships to fit the different needs of our customers. We also offer One-Time Fix options.

On-site technical support is provided anywhere in the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico for issues that can’t be resolved remotely, such as hardware issues – No need to pack up your computer and drag it to a technical service center, we will come to you.

TechZAMin is a resource to our members. For example, even you are not having a technical issue, but yet still have a question, you have a place to go to ask that question. Our Technical Support Experts are prepared to answer any technical question you may have.

At TechZAMin.com, we are a team of “superheroes” dedicated to ensuring you have a remarkable Customer Experience with us – An experience unlike anything else you’ve ever encountered in the tech support space. We look forward to Saving Your Day.