Up to 60 Minutes of Technical Support and Service- $89.95
This one-time service offers a timely solution for your computer problems. One of our
Technical Support Experts will remotely connect to your computer to pinpoint the
issues that you are having, fix the problems, and answer any questions that you may have.
This option includes up to 60 minutes of service.

One-Time Tune-up- $199.95
If your computer is slow and sluggish, a tune-up is in order to clean, protect and
optimize your machine. One of our Technical Support Experts will access your
computer remotely, and then remove spyware, viruses, temporary files, and unnecessary
applications. This all around clean-up will get your computer back up to speed, while also
providing protection from future security threats.

Service Includes:

  • Check system specs OS/CPU/RAM/Internet speed ensuring they meet  industry standard
  • Ensure customer issues are itemized and addressed (additional to standard tune-up)
  • Check Windows Error Log
  • Check for unneeded programs running in the background
  • Uninstall any problem/unneeded/outdated applications (w/ permission)
  • Run a quick virus and spyware scan. If infected, use other removal tools
  • Install Mozilla Firefox (an alternative, safer web browser to Internet Explorer)
  • Install and properly configure spyware blockers and removal tools for continued protection
  • Install AVG Antivirus (if needed) and properly configure (and run if needed)
  • Set scheduled maintenance for Windows Updates and anti-virus software
  • Check for any Windows Update
  • Optimize OS to enhance PC speed

Smartphones and Tablets

Up to 60 Minutes of Technical Support and Service- $49.95
Let TechZAMin assist you with any technical support or questions that you may need
answered about your tablet or smartphone*. Our Technical Support Experts can help you with
any issues related to iPhones, Blackberrys, Android, and Palm devices, including email,
contacts, and calendar set-up as well as “How To” questions and malware
troubleshooting. This option includes up to 60 minutes of service.

Activation and Set-up- $89.95
Do you have a brand new smartphone or tablet? At TechZAMin, we are available to
assist you with getting started with your new phone! We’ll help you get your phone or
tablet activated with your wireless carrier, set-up email, contacts, and calendar settings,
and guide you through basic “How To” questions and troubleshooting. This option
includes up to 120 minutes of service.

* This service requires the customer to have their device’s USB cable. We can provide
comprehensive services for models made by the following manufacturers: Acer, Amazon,
ASUS, Google, HTC, Sony, Samsung, Motorola, Kyocers, Huawei, Viewsonic, Dell LG,
Toshiba, Archos, and all Android devices version 2.2 and above.